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New Ohio Laws

On January 6, 2022, Governor Mike DeWine signed into law a bill that many environmental activists fear will impact our environment in big ways. Specifically, the law "orders state agencies to award drilling licenses for state-owned lands and designates natural gas as 'green energy'".

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund’s Pete Bucher weighed in about the new law:

“This bill is an egregious assault on executive authority, the public’s interest and our state parks and public lands. The bill also furthers fossil fuel misinformation campaigns designed to brand natural gas as ‘green energy,’ a nationwide effort to delay climate action and the transition to a truly clean energy future.”

These and other laws has made Ohio "the least stringent clean-energy requirements of any U.S. state with a renewable standard", according to a recent study of the nation's states.

Though most states continue to increase the portion of energy that comes from renewable sources, Ohio has continued to decrease its requirements. To see a map of where Ohio's electricity plants are located, visit this map here.

For more information, read this article here.

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