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Cincinnati's 2030 District

Did you know that Christ Church Cathedral is a part of something called The Cincinnati 2030 District? This is a membership organization facilitated by Green Umbrella, the region’s leading sustainability alliance. The District’s mission is to "create a network of healthy, high-performing buildings across Greater Cincinnati". Participating members make a collective commitment to reduce their buildings’ energy use, water consumption, and transportation commuting emissions by 50% by the year 2030. Christ Church Cathedral committed to this goal by joining in 2019. Part of this commitment has included submitting our energy and water usage to an online platform which the cathedral has done and continues to do (some of our volunteers from CCC's CCEJ Ministry have now taken on helping the staff enter this data into the platform each month).

Our incredible facilities staff is fully bought-in to reducing our cathedral's energy usage - it's good for the budget and good for God's creation!

Matt Hornsby and staff have already begun the following "green" efforts:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) used throughout the building (Controllers that reduce HVAC energy use)

  • Electricity procured through Energy Alliance broker and supplied by Energy Harbor - Rates locked in for 36 months

  • Reduced waste by eliminating the use of disposable air filters

  • Installed low-flow water fixtures - more in-progress

  • LED lighting - more in-progress

  • Installed occupancy sensors for HVAC

  • Utilizing ice storage for cooling-chiller runs after hours, "off peak" to make ice

  • Setting back HVAC during unoccupied hours

  • Monitoring programmable zoned stats

  • Installed high-efficiency boilers

  • All offices supplied with recycling cans

  • Purchase eco-friendly and sustainable products as much as possible

Many of these efforts have already shown to decrease our energy usage. According to Green Umbrella and the 2030 District staff, Christ Church Cathedral has decreased its weather-adjusted energy usage (EUI) by 15% between 2020 and now. That's a huge credit to the hard work of the facilities staff! (See the graph below showing the total electricity energy used by the cathedral between 2020 and 2022.)

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