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3.21.23 Day of Action! - #StopDirtyBanks

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, a group of about 45-50 people gathered locally as part of a larger national "Day of Action" organized by the environmental group, Third Act. This event included over 100 events across 30+ states. The effort was to draw attention to the need for, "banks to invest safely, securely, and sustainably to have a livable planet". All across the country, passionate groups marched outside the "big 4" banks who have contributed billions to the fossil fuel industry between 2016 and 2021. Chase ($382.40B), Citibank, ($285.37B), Wells Fargo ($271.82), and Bank of America ($232.01B), are the main four global contributors who together account for "one quarter of all fossil fuel financing identified over the last six years" (

If you have your money in one of these, "Big 4", know that your money is being used to actively harm God's Creation. If not, you can still check out and see how much money your bank contributes to fossil fuels. This site also provides information on banks you can switch to that have pledge to not invest in fossil fuels. If you have other investments, they may be contributing to climate change as well. Go to to see if your investments are contributing to climate change.

Representing Christ Church Cathedral were Kyle and Melissa Vath who were joined by other local clergy, Rev. Melanie Slane of The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer and Deacon Mary Jane Cherry, a retired Episcopal deacon and chaplain in the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky, and a member of Third Act Faith.

Closer to home, Christ Church Cathedral is working to "clean up" our investments. As you may recall, the 148th Annual Convention was held on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at Christ Church Cathedral and remotely through Zoom. Among the resolutions passed, was Resolution 2022-08 - A Call For Environmentally Responsible Investing. This resolution strongly urged all institutions and congregations of the Diocese of Southern Ohio to engage the topic of divestment from fossil fuels and reinvestment in clean energy in a fiscally responsible manner by using resources from the Commission on Creation Care and Environmental Justice. Christ Church Cathedral's funds are made up of "roughly 2% (Approximately $1.6M)" invested in fossil fuels. The Trustees are planning to meet in the coming months to engage the topic of divestment from fossil fuels and other ESG matters.

You can read The Episcopal Church article about this event here.

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